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Personal Training

Optimize your efforts in the gym. Learn the science and art behind my result producing methods, exercises, and training variables. Let’s set up a proper goal. Make a plan and execute the plan. It’s that simple

Nutritional Coaching

Optimize your daily nutrition, with a customized meal plan, based on your individual needs. Diet is 80% of the overall picture, let me help you complete that picture.

How Do I Teach

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

My approach to teaching is what I like to call the inside out method. Where I apply practical “tips and tricks” for changing the mindset of my clients to help keep them accountable for the goals they choose.

Think about it in this context, you are in a city that you’ve never been to before and you’re trying to find your way to the most beautiful destination in town, for example the Eiffel Tower. The problem is that you’ve spent the day looking for it but you’ve been distracted by shops, street side cafes, and other points of interest that keep you distraccted from your goal. Then you realize you have run out of time for this city and tomorrow you are on to your next destination or going home without achieving your objective.

In the context of this scenario, I will be your professional guide, who not only knows the way, but also has the skills to lead you to them without allowing distractions to keep you from your desired goals. I will explain details along the path and teach you the skills you need to be successful.

I invite you to let me help you discover the beautiful world of health and fitness and the body that will look better, feel better and do better.

This is my commitment to you when you commit to my plan for you.

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Who is this for?

If you can find yourself in the text bellow, this will be for you.

My intention is to demystify the bodybuilding world and to translate that knowledge to busy working class people, as well as to aid individuals who have plateaued in their training.


Coaching for competition  

I can provide more precise coaching for people who are looking to compete in natural bodybuilding, physique, and bikini competitions.  

Start Your Diet




Simple Diet Solution for the Western World

Every Diet will Work if You Stick with it (Author unknown)

For those of you who are just simply browsing  my website, here is some general advice on how to set up and organize your energy balance and macro nutrient brake down. I will give you this holistic approach. First choose foods, that are not given through the fast food window or in a microwaveable package, instead choose the whole foods, that your grand parents will easily recognize without help. Now imagine your plate 1/3 filled with high quality lean protein as such lean cuts of beef  (with no visible white fat in between the fibers or surrounding the piece) chicken, turkey breast, and cold water fish.

Next, picture 2/3 of the plate filled with low glycemic index complex carbohydrates such as sweet potato yams, green beans, whole grains. Make sure to avoid highly processed foods such as sweet drinks, sugary serials and deserts.

It may sound less appetizing, but the fina 1/3rd should befilled with green fibrous veggies and fruits (take it easy here at much 2-3 pieces will keep you full, happy and lean) And last but not least provide your precious digestive tract with high quality fibers.

And last this so popular healthy fats. Use one table spoon of olive oil for salad dressing each time, 10-15 pieces of raw nuts when you snacking between meals with your protein shake and you can be sure you body will have all necessary benefits for your hormone producing system (endocrine).

There is no one diet fits all, however, if you follow this template it will be a good starting point for more advanced diet approaches, in the mean time you’ll already be improving your health, shape and general well being.

Good Luck!

“No man has the right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training. It is a shame for a man to grow old wideout seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable.”